We came home the other day from picking up Mason from his neuter appointment and found Otis hanging out in the street in front of our yard. He did not put up any sort of resistance to Whitney throwing a leash around his neck, and has not done anything but wag his tail since we got him in. We think he’s 7 or 8 months old, and 50 lbs I’m guessing. He has an extremely soft coat, and the little bit of black he has makes him look like he has an eyepatch. We haven’t introduced him to the other dogs just yet, but he doesn’t seem traumatized or show any signs of the alpha gene.

We have decided that if we find a dog that’s not fixed running loose around our neighborhood, we aren’t going to try to find the owners until we get it fixed, and only if it doesn’t show any signs of abuse. Some people might disagree and say that it’s just fine to let them make babies all over the neighborhood, but those are the people responsible for the hundreds of strays we see living miserable lives every month.

Otis 3

The way Otis was chilling in front of our house did make me wonder for a second if the word was getting out in the neighborhood about us though…it definitely seemed like he was waiting for us 🙂

Otis 2


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Mason (adopted!)

Mason (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

Mason is a 1 year old King Cavalier Charles Spaniel. These dogs usually cost about $2000, so we were surprised that one of Whitney’s friends was asking us to find him a home. She had just broken up with her boyfriend who bought him for her, and was having to leave him with her mom on business trips every other week. We are assuming her mom couldn’t resist giving him table scraps (which are usually very bad for dogs, especially if they’re that small) so she decided to let us find him a home.


As soon as Whitney posted pictures of him on her Facebook page, her email box was full and phone was ringing off the hook. We even had a girl send a message claiming to run a King Cavalier rescue (as if these dogs ever get put to sleep because nobody wants them), and looked up her name only to find plenty of evidence that she was a breeder hoping she should get him unneutered. It was good for some laughs if nothing else!

We found a couple whose dream it was to own a King Cavalier in East Atlanta, but didn’t feel right about getting one from a breeder. He got along famously with their shepherd-husky mix when we brought him over, and we knew it was meant to be. We are sure that they are going to be very happy together 🙂

Mason + Skeeter

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Bigfoot aka Buddy (adopted!)

We had a friend staying at our house one night, and he asked me if he could borrow my skateboard for some “night thrashing”. He came back saying that Tank had gotten out, and we got in our car and took off after him. Turns out it wasn’t Tank, but a beautiful seal colored (supposedly one of the rarest types) pitbull running for his life down the street. We caught up with him and Whitney managed to coax him into the car, and the way his ear was almost chewed off, it made us think he might have been an escaped bait dog. After not being able to locate his owners, we got him fixed and found him a home with some of our old roommates. His new best buddy Partner keeps him so busy that he probably doesn’t think about his old flame Tank anymore, but at one time they were quite the pair (as in evident in this photo):

Tank + Bigfoot

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Clifton (up for adoption!)


Clifton is a very awesome 1 year old purebred pitbull. Our neighbor dropped it off when he found him on Clifton St. in EAV and couldn’t find the owners. He gets along great with the other dogs, and is very close to fully house trained. He is up for adoption, so please help him find a good family and spread the word about him!

Clifton 2

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Brady (adopted!) + Daisy (needs a home!)

Both these guys were turned in to us by different neighbors in East Atlanta (who almost ran over them) within a couple of days of each other. Although their personalities are very different, they look so similar that it’s hard to think they couldn’t be from the same litter.

Brady is very playful, and definitely not afraid of getting stepped on by the bigger dogs. Whitney managed to find him a home within an hour of us getting him from a couple of friends of ours…they have a dominant female pit mix that they brought over, and once she acted like she enjoyed his company it was a done deal!

Brady Bean pitbull pup


Daisy was brought to us by the ladies who found her, and the way she started barking at me as they were walking up gave me the feeling she hadn’t had good experiences with alot of men. She ran up to the fence and put her paws on it as they drove away, and I got the feeling that they might have been the only ones who had ever been nice to her. She has scars on her legs that look like chemical burns, was extremely underweight (has probably devoured an entire bag on dog food herself in the past couple days), and obviously had never seen anything like our dogs wrestling without getting scrappy with each other. She has already come a long way though, and acts like she can get used to this kind of thing 🙂

Daisy pitbull pup


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Positive movement

My friend wrote this on my Facebook page the other day and made me realize this blog is something I definitely need to devote more time to. It’s amazing how fast ideas can spread over the internet, and I’m realizing that teaching people how fulfilling fostering animals can be is worth doing.

Hey bro u started a positive movement, i found u brindle pits pups today on the side of the road. One male and one female, from the same litter. So i scooped them up. And gave them a good home! If i had not seen all ur posts about u saving pits i would have not thought twice about stopping and getting them. Just thought i’d let u know. Enjoy ur halloween!

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Pippin and Skeeter

Pippin and Skeeter

We were living with Ryan and his girlfriend Zoe at the time when they expressed interest in owning a kitten. Whitney asked if she could try to find one for her and get it if it looked ok, and when we got permission we found a lady with a few of them up for grabs down the street from us. She told us that she had found the stray pregnant mother cat and got her fixed after her litter. Pippin was definitely the one with the most personality, so we took her with us and told Zoe that there was something wrong with them so we didn’t get one on the phone.

When she got home from work, Whitney told her that we had some vegetarian chili in the crockpot that she should definitely try. She seemed like she was going to do laundry first, so Ryan had to insist she try it immediately (since there was a kitten in there). The look on her face said she definitely didn’t see it coming 🙂

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